Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A New Video Game In The Wake Of "Breaking Bad"

For those who have been there from the beginning, who saw 'Walter White' (Bryan Cranston) as a frustrated, broke family man and chemistry teacher, the end of "Breaking Bad" is tough to come to terms with.

Admittedly, the popularity of the show has been a slow one to evolve. But thanks to online streaming service Netflix, "Breaking Bad" managed to enter the homes of viewers on an international level.

The die-hard fans got the word out and eventually, everyone was hooked on watching this bizarre good-guy gone bad tale of a chemistry teacher-turned drug king pin unfold. 

It was only last Sunday that the show finally snatched the 'Emmy' for "Outstanding Drama" series, a mere week before the series concluded.

So now that it’s over, now that this edge-of-the-seat viewing has ended, what is there left for the fans to do? 

It’s recently been confirmed that dodgy criminal lawyer and wearer of horrifically clashing tie and shirt combos, 'Saul Goodman' will have his very own spin-off show. The first episode is said to be an hour long prequel exploring the life of  Goodman before he became everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer. AMC have picked up the show, but rumors suggest it could be a long while before it hits the UK.

In the meantime, there’s always the Breaking Bad video game available on – 24 levels of "Breaking Bad" goodness to ease fans through this difficult withdrawal period. Designed by fans, for fans the game features all the characters from the show. It has also been recently updated, following the series finale to span all five seasons.

There’s also the option to watch the series in its entirety all over again. AMC showed a "Breaking Bad" marathon last week in the run up to the series concluding episode. But if you missed it and you’re really struggling to find something to fill the void, then there’s always the option to go back to the beginning and watch, again, the unfolding story of how 'Walter White' became the drug lord of New Mexico.

There’s also plenty to look forward to from the other cast members of the show. For those who loved 'Jesse Pinkman', actor Aaron Paul takes the lead role in the new film "Need For Speed".

Dean Norris, who played 'Hank' in "Breaking Bad" currently plays a used car-salesman in sci-fi drama "Under the Dome".

Sadly, we’re not sure what part lead actor Bryan Cranston will be taking up next, although we do now in 2014, Cranston will play blackslisted screen writer 'Dalton Trumbo'.

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