Friday, September 20, 2013

Cranston Cast As "Spartacus" Screenwriter

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston has been cast to play real-life 'blacklisted' Oscar-winning screenwriter 'Dalton Trumbo' in a new indie biopic from director Jay Roach ("Bruno"), scheduled to start shooting sometime in 2014.

Screenplay is by John McNamara, based on the 1977 book "Dalton Trumbo" by author Bruce Cook.

As one of the 'Hollywood Ten', Trumbo refused to testify before the 'House Un-American Activities Committee' (HUAC) in 1947 during the committee's investigation of Communist influences in the motion picture industry.

Trumbo was publicly given credit for two blockbuster films: Otto Preminger made public that Trumbo wrote the screenplay for "Exodus" and Kirk Douglas publicly announced that Trumbo was the screenwriter of "Spartacus".

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