Saturday, December 05, 2020

"What If...?" on Disney +

"What If...?" is the upcoming Marvel Studios animated TV series reuniting 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' actors, streaming 23 new PG-13 episodes exclusively Summer 2021 on Disney+:

"Captain Marvel" - Strange New World

Marvel Comics' "Captain Marvel" #24, available December 9, 2020 is written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega with covers by Jorge Molina and Tradd Moore:

"Alien Worlds" on Netflix

"Alien Worlds" is the new 4-part TV series, imagining with realistic GC effects, new species of animals adapting and evolving on 'alien worlds':

"Astro City" TV Series

Kurt Busiek's Vertigo superhero comic book series "Astro City" (1995) in development as a live-action TV series, adapted by Busiek for Freemantle Media and producer Gregory Noveck ("Batman: Under the Red Hood") is in limbo until the 'Covid-19' pandemic is under control:

"The Boys" - Season Three on Prime Video

The first episode of "The Boys" Season Three is titled "Payback", written by producer Craig Rosenberg, starring Antony Starr, aka 'Homelander', Erin Moriarty as 'Starlight', Jessie T Usher as 'A-Train', Nate Mitchell as 'Black Noir', Jack Quaid as 'Hughie Campbell', Laz Alonso as 'Mother's Milk', Karen Fukuhara as 'Kimiko' and Karl Urban as 'Billy Butcher', streaming in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video:

Spielberg's "Blackhawk"

Director Steven Spielberg, following up on his "Ready Player One" box office success, has added DC Comics' 1941 World War II action title "Blackhawk", to his feature film slate with Warners:

"Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness" - The Coming of 'Clea'

Marvel Studios supernatural sequel, "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness", to be directed by Sam Raimi ("The Evil Dead") will introduce Marvel Comics' human-appearing entity 'Clea', the niece of 'Dormammu' and love interest of 'Stephen Strange':

"Alice in Borderland" on Netflix

"Alice in Borderland", the upcoming live-action adaptation of Hara Aso's Japanese 'manga', featured in "Sh┼Źnen Sunday Comics", is directed by Shinsuke Sato starring Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya and Nijiro Murakami, streaming December 10, 2020 on Netflix: 

The CW in 2021

According to VancouverFilm.Net, The CW has confirmed January and February 2021 premiere dates for "The Flash", "Batwoman" and a whole lot more:

Mar Saura In "Esquire"

Spanish film actress Mar Saura, poses for the latest issue of "Esquire" (Mexico) magazine, photographed by Richard Ramos:

"WandaVision" - Is This Really Happening ?

"WandaVision" the $150 million budgeted, 6-episode, live-action TV miniseries based on Marvel Comics characters 'Scarlet Witch' and 'Vision', stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, streaming January 15, 2021 on Disney+, as the first TV series in 'Phase Four' of the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe':

2021 Movie Slate on HBO Max

Disgusted over recently released recordings from the group 'Project Veritas' revealing CNN is not exactly "the most trusted name in news", AT&T CEO John Stankey continues to try and protect his company's overall multi-billion dollar media investment, by putting the entire 2021 WarnerMedia movie slate on streaming service HBO Max, including "The Many Saints of Newark", "Dune", "Matrix 4" and a whole lot more: