Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Motherland: Fort Salem" - Military Witches

From VancouverFilm.Net take a look at more new images from "Motherland: Fort Salem", the upcoming supernatural, military drama series, premiering on Freeform March 18, 2020:

"Mattel Films" - You Can tell It's Mattel...It's Swell

Mattel Films, the in-house division of toy company Mattel Inc., continues to develop motion picture adaptations based on Mattel toy brands including Margot Robbie's "Barbie", Sony's "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", "Hot Wheels" and a whole lot more:

Enter "Sandman" On Netflix

Netflix and Warner Bros. Television continue to develop creator Neil Gaiman's DC/Vertigo comic book title "The Sandman: Master Of Dreams"" (1989) as a live-action TV series, written by Allan Heinberg ("Wonder Woman"), in what will be the "... most expensive TV series", ever produced by DC Entertainment, focusing on 'Dream of the Endless', a being who rules over the world of dreams:

Marvel's "Nightwatch"

Thanks to the billion dollar box office success of Marvel Studios' "Black Panther", Sony Entertainment's Columbia Pictures continues developing Marvel Comics' 'black superhero' "Nightwatch":

"Superman: Red Son" - New Footage

The animated feature "Superman: Red Son", based on the DC Comics mini-series, available February 25, 2020, imagines baby 'Kal-El', the future 'Superman', crashlanding in the Russian 'Soviet Union' instead of Kansas, USA:

Friday, February 21, 2020

"The Invisible Man" - What You Can't See

Take a look at more new footage from "The Invisible Man", the upcoming 'psychological science fiction feature written and directed by Leigh Whannell, adapting elements of the classic novel by author H. G. Wells, starring Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid and Harriet Dyer, opening February 28, 2020:

"The Batman" - Leaked Set Footage

Sneak Peek new leaked footage, plus images of a motorcycle stunt, ending in a wipe-out, featuring ‘Batman' in costume, doubling for actor Robert Pattinson, on the Glasgow set of "The Batman" stand-alone feature, targeting a June 25, 2021 release:

"Narcos: Columbia"

IDW Publishing's "Narcos", a graphic novel adaptation spinning out of the Netflix action drama series, is written by Ryan Ferrier and illustrated by Vic Malhotra, with a cover by Nelson Daniel, available May 2020:

"The Night Clerk"

Take a look at Saban Films upcoming crime thriller "The Night Clerk", written and directed by Michael Cristofer, starring Tye Sheridan, Helen Hunt, Ana de Armas and John Leguizamo, opening February 21, 2020:

"Spider-Man: Sting Of The Scorpion"

IDW Publishing's "Marvel Action: Spider-Man" #5, available May 2020, is written by Brandon Easton (W) and illustrated by Fico Ossio:

"Outlander: Between Two Fires"

The "Outlander" Season Five episode, "Between Two Fires", airs February 23, 2020 on STARZ:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

"Ride With Norman Reedus" On AMC

"Ride with Norman Reedus", the motorcycle 'travel' TV series, follows actor Norman Reedus ("The Boondock Saints") ("The Walking Dead"), riding to a different destination every week, premiering Season 4 March 8, 2020 on AMC:

"Westworld" - Free Will Is Not Free - New Footage

Sneak Peek new footage from the science fiction TV series "Westworld", Season 3, premiering March 15, 2020 on HBO, set in a technologically advanced amusement park populated by android 'hosts':

"Hollywood" On Netflix

"Hollywood" is the new 1940's-set dramatic TV series, created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, streaming May 1, 2020 on Netflix:

Kristen Stewart: "Chanel"

Actress Kristen Stewart ("The Twilight Saga") poses for the "Chanel" Spring-Summer 2020 campaign, wearing jackets, pleated skirts and tweed designs, photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino: