Monday, October 05, 2009

CBS Sparks To More "Flashpoint"..

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CBS has confirmed picking up another 13-episode cycle of the Toronto-lensed TV series "Flashpoint," the 'procedural crime drama' starring actors Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni as crisis response officers.

"...Inspired by Toronto ’s real life Emergency Task Force, FLASHPOINT is an emotional journey following the lives of an elite police tactical team, the Strategic Response Unit (SRU). The SRU is a team of cops like no other – they’re the elite, the blueblood of the force. High risk is their business, and life-and-death stakes are their world. The action-packed series highlights both the tactical and the psychological aspects of police work and examines the emotional toll of bearing constant witness to the extremes of human distress..."

Phase 4 Films will release Season One of "Flashpoint" on DVD/Blu-ray on October 13.

"Flashpoint" is a co-production between Pink Sky, Avamar Entertainment, CBS TV Studios and CTV.

Sneak Peek a clip from "Flashpoint"...