Monday, October 05, 2009

"Funky Koval" Is The Pride Of Poland...

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The Polish scifi/detective comic book "Funky Koval" will be adapted for the big screen, supported by a $30 million budget, with "Koval" creator Bogusław Polch confirming film rights have been sold to an indie US producer.

"...The plot revolves around the figure of former military pilot and now 'space detective', 'Funky Koval', who with his friends and colleagues from private detective agency 'Universs' solves various cases in the futuristic world of 2080.

His investigations range from corruption in the police/government, fighting cultists/terrorists, investigating missing spaceships/illegal slave camps, to the mystery of the 'Drolls' aliens, who seem to have a much more advanced technology than humans and whose plans for humanity - if any - remain a mystery..."