Monday, January 02, 2023

"Miss Scarlet and The Duke"

"Miss Scarlet and The Duke", the Brit-produced, Victoria-era crime drama series created by Rachael New, stars Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin as two detectives, premiering Season Two, January 8, 2023 on Masterpiece PBS:

" 1882, 'Eliza 
Scarlet' is left almost penniless when her father, 'Henry', unexpectedly dies. 

"Although marriage would appear to be her only option for financial security, Eliza resolves to continue her father's detective agency alone, working under his name. 

"Struggling to build her reputation in the male-dominated world of crime-solving, she frequently calls on her old friend 'William Wellington',  aka 'Duke'...

"...a gruff detective inspector of 'Scotland Yard', to help her acquire cases, though she often resorts to stealing case files from his office." 

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