Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Superman: Red Son"

The animated feature "Superman: Red Son", based on the DC Comics mini-series, is available February 25, 2020, imagining baby 'Kal-El', the future 'Superman', crashlanding in the Russian 'Soviet Union' instead of Kansas, USA:

"...instead of landing in Kansas as a child, I've decided to explore what could have happened if his rocket would have landed on a collective farm in the 'Soviet Union'," said writer Mark Millar.

"Instead of working for the 'Daily Planet', he'll be a reporter for 'Pravda'. There's a reversal of the current situation, this time it's the US that's splitting up, with Georgia and Louisiana demanding independence — tanks rolling through the streets of New Orleans..."

Voice cast includes Jason Isaacs as 'Superman', Diedrich Bader as 'Lex Luthor', Amy Acker as 'Lois Lane', Vanessa Marshall as 'Wonder Woman', Phil Morris as 'James Olsen'...

...Paul Williams as 'Brainiac', Sasha Roiz as 'Hal Jordan', Phil LaMarr as 'John Stewart' and Roger Craig Smith as 'Batman'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Superman: Red Son"...