Saturday, February 22, 2020

Marvel's "Nightwatch"

Thanks to the billion dollar box office success of Marvel Studios' "Black Panther", Sony Entertainment's Columbia Pictures continues developing Marvel Comics' 'black superhero' "Nightwatch":

"...debuting in Marvel's "Web of Spider-Man #97 (1993) , the origin of 'Nighwatch' starts with 'Doctor Kevin Trench', who witnesses a costumed man battling terrorists armed with invisibility-generating 'cloaking" devices.

"The man is killed, Trench unmasks the corpse and is horrified to learn the dead man was an older version of himself.

"Trench quickly strips the costume from 'his' body, runs away with the outfit, then decides to investigate the costume's origins, putting it on and becoming the super crime-fighter 'Nighwatch' ...

"...harnessing the power of self-replicating 'nanites', boosting his strength and durability and triggering his adrenal glands. The cape also responds to his subconscious thoughts allowing him to glide on the air..."

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