Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Black Widow", "Bettie Page" and "Penny Dreadful"

Take a look at new comic books for February 2019, including "Black Widow", "Bettie Page" and "Penny Dreadful:

"Marvel Tales Black Widow" #1,  from George Kapitan, Stan Lee, Harry Sahle and Jen Bartel:

"...relive exciting espionage adventures alongside the 'Black Widow' and celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary with the return of 'MARVEL TALES'! Featuring the debut of the 'Golden Age Black Widow' from 'MYSTIC COMICS' (1940) #4...

"...the first appearance of the incomparable 'Natasha Romanoff' as a femme fatale targeting 'Iron Man' in 'TALES OF SUSPENSE' (1959) #52 and the dazzling introduction of Natasha's iconic modern look in 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN' (1963) #86! 

"Criminals everywhere will also feel the Widow's bite when she goes solo in 'AMAZING ADVENTURES' (1970) #1...

"...and Natasha undertakes a superspy mission in 'MARVEL FANFARE' (1982) #10..."

Dynamite Entertainment's Bettie Page" #2, from David Avallone and Julius Ohta:

"...aliens kidnap the Royals, while UFOs buzz London. What's a girl to do? Long Live 'Queen Bettie', as another chapter from 'The Secret Diary of Bettie Page', taking you back to 1952..."

"Penny Dreadful" Vol 03 from Chris King and Jesus Hervas:

"...the cult TV hit 'Penny Dreadful' receives the apocalyptic finale its fans have been waiting for,  as Vanessa Ives' death leaves humanity caught in the middle of a war between ancient evils! As forgotten relics emerge from the darkness, old grudges must be cast aside if mankind is to survive... and 'Ethan', 'Catriona' and 'Frankenstein' must seek out 'Dracula' - the last hope for redemption!..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Black Widow", "Bettie Page" and "Penny Dreadful"......