Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Death Dealer" Breaks Records

Heritage Auctions reports their Comics & Comic Art Department soared to a record $58,544,323 in 2018, the highest ever in the 17-year history of the department, including the sale of fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta's original art painting "Death Dealer 6" (1990), bringing in a record $1,792,500:

Original art by John Romita, Sr., and Frank Giacoia for Marvel's "Amazing Spider-Man" #100 original art cover drew bids from three dozen collectors before bringing $478,000...

...establishing a new world record for the most expensive Marvel Comics 'Silver' or 'Bronze Age' cover ever sold at a public auction.

Animation Art auctions were also extremely strong in 2018, bringing in $1,956,926, highlighted by numerous record sales, including Disney, Hanna Barbera and Warner Brothers.

According to Heritage, "our collectors know the value that exists in many of the offered materials, some of which are fresh-to-the-market personal collections."

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