Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"DC Universe Online": Enter 'Wonder Woman'

Sneak Peek new screen shots featuring DC Comics' "Wonder Woman", in her traditional 1940's costume, for the new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, "DC Universe Online", debuting November 2, 2010.

The story of DCUO is set in the 'present day', beginning with the arrival of a time-traveling 'Lex Luthor' who has come to warn the Earth about a future battle that kills off the majority of heroes and villains, leaving the planet vulnerable to an invasion by 'Brainiac'.

The exclusively online game will offer a dramatic setting where players can enter the DC Universe and battle alongside/against their favorite DC Comics heroes/villains including comic book icons 'Batman', 'Superman', 'Wonder Woman', 'The Joker', 'Green Lantern', 'The Flash', 'Catwoman' and 'Martian Manhunter', set in locations as diverse as 'Arkham Asylum', 'Gotham City' and 'Metropolis'.

Based on the artwork/designs of comic book artist Jim Lee, the 'physics-based cobat system' turns vehicles, streetlights and other players into weapons, resulting in dynamic combat scenarios.

Actor Mark Hamill ("Star Wars") again voices 'The Joker', with Kevin Conroy ("The Office") voicing 'Batman'.

"We're excited that not only will Mark and Kevin bring their talent back to the DC Universe as part of DC Universe Online, but we've hit the jackpot with a full cast that are veterans of movies, TV shows and games that our fans are crazy about," said Sony Online Entertainment Vice President of Development, John Blakely.

"Several of these actors are recognized as the definitive voices for these characters, and will help us in creating an authentic and exciting experience for fans when they get in the game."

Other cast members include Adam Baldwin as 'Superman', Gina Torres as 'Wonder Woman', James Marsters as 'Lex Luthor'/'Brainiac', Michelle Forbes as 'Circe' Diedrich Bader as 'Solomon Grundy', Maria Canals Barrera as 'Hawkgirl', Powers Boothe as 'Gorilla Grodd', Greg Cipes as 'Beast Boy', Doug Erholtz as 'Hal Jordan', Summer Glau as 'Supergirl', Jennifer Hale as 'Zatanna', Megan Hollingshead as 'Starfire'/'Ravager', Yuri Lowenthal as 'Nightwing',Vincent Martella as 'Robin', Robert Patrick as 'Hawkman', Khary Payton as 'Cyborg', Michael Rosenbaum as 'Flash', Patrick Seitz as 'Deathstroke', Tara Strong as 'Raven' and Tony Todd as 'Darkseid.

DCUO will be a 'subscription-based' revenue model, rather than using 'microtransactions'.

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