Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"The Warriors" Coming Out To Play-Eee-Yaay!

According to reports, director Tony "Top Gun" Scott will remake Walter Hill's 1979 actioner The Warriors, shifting the location from New York to Los Angeles.

"I really hate remakes, but The Warriors is one of my all time favourite movies," Scott told Empire.

"What I'm doing is kind of reinventing it. And rather than a gang it's going to be 30 guys who take on 3,000. I've been meeting all the gang leaders, they're saying they'll sign this 'treaty' for the duration of the shoot...

"I want this shot of 50,000 real gang members all on Long Beach...It's going to be cool."

The Warriors is being financed by MTV Productions in conjunction with Paramount Pictures.

Scott's version will follow the outline of the first film in which a gang leader is assassinated during a truce and 'The Warriors', framed for the crime make their way home through hostile gang turfs.