Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Warners 'Emerald Warrior' Waits For A Green Light

Development continues at Warner Bros on the big screen "GREEN LANTERN" feature film, based on DC Comics classic superhero.

Supervisors on the project are Tony Ludwig and Alan Riche for Eagle Cove Entertainment ("Starsky and Hutch").

The 'Green Lantern' character has been published by DC Comics since 1940, deriving his super-abilities from the use of a green ring that can tansmute green energy into physical matter.The first Green Lantern ring was magical, while other rings originated from the 'Guardians' of the planet 'Oa'.

Premise of the screenplay will focus on the thousand-member interplanetary police force, 'Green Lantern Corps', run by the aliens of Oa, with Earth's new 'space cop', given a ring by a dying alien, designating him intergalactic law enforcer.


The first comic book "GREEN LANTERN" was 'Alan Wellington Scott', debuting during the 'golden age' of comic books in "All-American Comics" #16 (July 1940).

In the story, Scott is riding in a train, when a sabotaged bridge causes a derailment. Scott saves himself by hanging onto a green metal lantern. In the wreckage the lantern 'speaks' to Scott, revealing it is a 'Starheart' meteor that crashed into the China mainland hundreds of years earlier, then shaped into a green chinese lantern by 'Chang'.The lantern orders Scott to fashion a ring from its metal, then to touch the ring to the lantern for a 'charge' of mystical power.

Obeying the lantern, Scott becomes a powerful superhero, creating a vigilante costume and calling himself the "Green Lantern". With the use of his power ring, he is able to transmute green-tinted energy into solid shapes, with an ability to fly by defying gravity.


The 'silver age' "Green Lantern" was 'Hal Jordan', debuting in DC's "Showcase" #22 (October 1959).

Jordan worked as a test pilot in 'Coast City', when approached by dying alien 'Abin Sur' to wear a power ring. Sur was one of 3600 members of the peace-keeping 'Green Lantern Corps', supervised by the 'Guardians of the Universe', providers of the ring's 'main battery' power source on the planet 'Oa'.

The Guardians order Jordan to capture 'Sinestro', a renegade Green Lantern who violated his oath, by using his ring for selfish gain. Jordan defeats Sinestro and becomes a popular superhero in 'Coast City', joining 'Justice League of America' and teaming up with 'Oliver Queen', the archer known as "Green Arrow", whose teenage crime-fighting ward 'Speedy' becomes a junkie.

In "Superman" #80, 7 million people die when Coast City is destroyed by 'Mongul' and the 'Superman' imposter 'Cyborg'.

On the verge of a breakdown, Jordan asks for more power from the Guardians, but they refuse and order him to surrender his ring. An enraged Jordan flies to Oa, killing numerous Green Lanterns along the way.

On Oa, the Guardians release Sinestro, but Jordan kills him too, absorbing his power from the now drained battery which destroys all the Guardians except for 'Ganthet'.

Lusting for more power, Jordan calls himself 'Parallax', but is stopped by a group of superheroes forfeiting his ring to 'Kyle Rayner', the new Green Lantern.

After absorbing Ganthet's energy and destroying Cyborg, Jordan agrees to help Rayner stop the solar-consuming 'Sun-Eater' but dies in the attempt, his last words being the noble oath of the Green Lanterns, as he sacrifices himself attempting to rekindle the sun ...