Friday, July 05, 2024

“Captain America: Brave New World”

“Captain America: Brave New World”, directed by Julius Onah, is a new live-action ‘paranoid thriller’ feature from Marvel Studios, based on Marvel Comics character ‘Sam Wilson’ who takes on the persona of ‘Captain America’, starring Anthony Mackie, Danny Ramirez, Carl Lumbly, Tim Blake Nelson, Shira Haas, Harrison Ford and Liv Tyler, opening February 14, 2025 in theaters:

“…’SamWilson’ is a veteran ‘United States Air Force Pararescueman’ who specializes in the use of an advanced jet pack with articulated wings. 

A skilled combatant and tactician, Wilson becomes a close friend of ‘Steve Rogers’ after assisting him during the ‘Hydra’ uprising, later being recruited by him to join the ‘Avengers’.

“During the fallout related to the ‘Sokovia Accords’, Wilson sides with Rogers and becomes a fugitive as a result. He returns to the fold during the conflict against ‘Thanos’, falling victim to the ‘Blip’. 

“After being restored to life, he is personally appointed by the now-retired Rogers to become the new ‘Captain America’…

“…also receiving from him a specially made version of the iconic shield…”

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