Sunday, April 21, 2024

“The Amazing Digital Circus”

“The Amazing Digital Circus” is an independent CG-animated web series directed by Gooseworx for Glitch Productions, following a group of humans who attempt to maintain their sanity after becoming trapped inside a circus-themed virtual reality game, with new episodes May 3, 2024 on You Tube:

“…after putting on a virtual reality headset, a woman becomes trapped in a circus-themed computer game inhabited by the artificial intelligence ringmaster ‘Caine’…

“…his assistant ‘Bubble’ and six other trapped humans: ‘Jax’, ’Ragatha’, ‘Gangle’, ‘Kinger’, ‘Zooble’ and ‘Kaufmo’. 

“The woman—renamed ‘Pomni’ after forgetting her original name—repeatedly notices an exit door that Caine dismisses as a hallucination. 

“While Caine sends the group on an adventure to stop an infestation of creatures called ‘Gloinks’…

“… Ragatha and Jax take Pomni to meet Kaufmo, whom they discover has succumbed to despair and ‘abstracted’ into a mindless beast…”

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