Thursday, April 04, 2024

‘My Divorce Party” On-Demand

"My Divorce Party” is a new comedy feature, written and directed by Heidi Weitzer, starring Rumer Willis and Kimia Behpoornia, available April 30, 2024 on-demand:

“…on the weekend before finalizing her divorce, ‘Xan’  decides to gather her closest friends in Joshua Tree to relax, celebrate, and more appropriately, sulk.

`The gang arrives at their less than tranquil lodging, an ‘RV’ park in Joshua Tree . They meet their eccentric neighbors ‘Ezekiel’ and ‘Amara’, an ‘Instagram’ bohemian hippie. 

“That evening, Xan drunkenly spirals out and reveals that she’ll have to give up half of all of her assets to her soon-to-be ex in the divorce settlement come Monday, so she drained her bank account and brought $100K in cash to the desert…”

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