Thursday, April 18, 2024


Steven Spielberg is developing a new live-action science fiction feature, that fans are hoping will be based on the ‘true’ accounts of a years-long relationship  between ‘J-Rod’, an alien that survived the ‘Roswell’ crash near Area 51, and his scientist caretakers, assigned to working on ‘reverse engineering’ of vehicular transports and tactical weapons projects for the government:

“…sources mention the presence of a humanoid, called ‘J-Rod, at ‘Area 51’, who first claimed to being an extra-terrestrial ‘Grey’ alien from ‘Zeta Reticulum’.

“‘Dan Burisch’  one of the scientists that interacted with J-Rod, insisted after numerous interviews, that J-Rod is actually a visitor from the future. 

“It seems several Grey species, descendants from mankind, are visiting from the future to correct mistakes that ultimately will have a negative impact on the possibility of future greys to survive…”

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