Sunday, November 19, 2023

"Tales of the Zombie"

Following the TV movie "Werewolf By Night", Marvel Studios continue to prep more live-action versions of their comic book 'Monsterverse' characters, separate from traditional superheroes, including the 'Zombie', aka 'Simon William Garth', debuting in the black-and-white, Marvel magazine "Tales of the Zombie" (1973-1975) from writer Steve Gerber and illustrator Pablo Marcos, based on a short story by Stan Lee, first appearing in the 1953 comic book "Menace":

"...'Simon Garth' was a highly successful businessman and well known public figure who was notorious for treating his employees ruthlessly. Garth's gardener, 'Gyps', vowed to get revenge upon his employer for his years of mistreatment and recent firing. Kidnapping Garth, Gyps stabbed him to death with a pair of garden shears in the bayou near New Orleans. 

"But Gyps was not satisfied by Garth's relatively quick death, however, and so he turned the corpse over to a nearby Voodoo cult and forced the voodoo queen 'Layla', also Garth's secretary,  to turn him into a 'zombie'. 

"With the aid of matching talismans, she resurrected the corpse of her former employer as a mindless zombie. One of the two amulets was placed around Garth's neck; the other was given to Gyps. 

"Using the amulet, Gyps could control the Zombie. But when Gyps tried to force Garth to kidnap his own daughter, a remaining portion of the spirit of the man he once was enabled the Zombie to resist his master despite the amulet, and Garth killed him. 

"Simon Garth then walked the earth as a zombie, controlled by a succession of people who had possession of the mystic amulet..."

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