Friday, October 20, 2023

"Werewolf By Night' In Color

The TV Special film "Werewolf By Night” (2022), directed by Michael Giacchino, based on the Marvel Comics characters 'Jack Russell', '
Elsa Bloodstone' and 'Man-thing', is being re-released in color, streaming October 20, 2023 on Hulu until October 31:

"...following the death of 'Ulysses Bloodstone', five experienced monster hunters, including 'Jack Russell', are summoned by Ulysses' widow 'Verussa' to 'Bloodstone Manor', where they are instructed to participate in a competitive hunt to determine their new leader, who will wield the powerful 'Bloodstone'. 
"Ulysses' estranged daughter 'Elsa' also arrives to compete for the Bloodstone.

"It is this Bloodstone that is eventually used to trigger Russell's agonizing transformation into a 'werewolf' ..."

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