Thursday, November 30, 2023

"Poltergeist" on Prime Video

MGM Studios are developing a new live-action TV series, based on director Tobe Hooper’s 1982 horror feature "Poltergeist", to be produced by Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey for Amblin Television, streaming on Prime Video in 2024:

" the original 1982 feature, 'Steve Freeling' lives with his wife, 'Diane' and their three children, 'Dana', 'Robbie' and 'Carol Anne' in Southern California, where he sells houses for the company that built the neighborhood. 

" It starts with just a few odd occurrences, such as broken dishes and furniture moving around by itself. However, things take a sour turn, and eventually, ghosts abduct Carol Anne. 

"Realizing that something evil haunts his home, Steve calls in a team of parapsychologists led by 'Dr. Lesh' to investigate, hoping to get Carol Anne back..."

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