Thursday, November 30, 2023

"Blackberry" on Prime Video

Director Matt Johnson's 2023 comedic theatrical feature "Blackberry" following
the rise and catastrophic demise of the world's first 'smartphone', is now a three-episode TV miniseries, starring Glenn Howerton, Jay Baruchel, Cary Elwes, Saul Rubinek, Rich Sommer, Martin Donovan, and Michael Ironside, now streaming on Prime Video:

" Waterloo, 1996, 'Research in Motion' CEO 'Mike Lazaridis' and his best friend and co-founder 'Douglas Fregin' prepare to pitch their 'PocketLink' cellular device to businessman 'Jim Balsillie'. 

"Their pitch is unsuccessful, but after Balsillie is fired from his job, he agrees to work with them if he is made CEO of RIM and given half of the company. They hesitate, but after discovering that their deal with 'USRobotics' was a malicious attempt to bankrupt them, they bring Balsillie in as co-CEO and give him a third of RIM. 

" Balsillie arranges a pitch for the PocketLink with 'Bell Atlantic' and forces Fregin and Lazaridis to build a crude prototype overnight, which he and Lazaridis take to New York. Lazaridis forgets the prototype in their taxi, leaving Balsillie to attempt the pitch alone. Lazaridis recovers the prototype at the last second and finishes the pitch, and they rebrand the PocketLink as the 'BlackBerry'..."

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