Friday, October 06, 2023

"007: Road to a Million"

The new Brit-produced 'adventure' TV game show "007: Road to a Million", set in the 
Scottish Highlands, Chile's Atacama Desert, the streets of Venice and the Swiss Alps, is hosted by Brian Cox as 'The Controller', with "...nine pairs of 'everyday' people unleashed on an epic global adventure through a series of 'Bond'-inspired challenges for a shot at each winning a life-changing million dollar prize", streaming November 10, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video:

"...'The Controller' (Cox) is the on-screen mastermind behind the game, who dictates where the pairs go, what they must do and sets their questions. 

"He monitors each pair's quest, delighting in the unfolding drama of his intricately devised and often relentless challenges, with 10 questions hidden around the world for each pair of contestants. To reach these questions, the pairs face 'Bond'-inspired challenges, which push their physical strength and mental reserves to the limit. 

"Each question is worth an increasing amount of money, and if answered correctly, they bank the cash and continue to the next question. If they get it wrong, their journey is over...."

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