Thursday, September 07, 2023

"The Burial" on Prime Video

"The Burial" is a new 'legal drama' feature, directed by Maggie Betts based on the true story of lawyer 'Willie E. Gary' and his client 'Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe' and their lawsuit against the 'Loewen' funeral company, starring Jamie Foxx as 'Gary' and Tommy Lee Jones as 'O'Keefe', releasing October 6, 2023 in theaters and followed by streaming October 13, 2023 on Prime Video:

"... in 1995, 'Willie E. Gary', an unconventional personal injury lawyer with an impressive track record, helps bankrupt funeral homeowner 'Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe' sue the 'Loewen' funeral company led by 'Raymond Loewen' as a result of a contractual dispute. Gary ultimately won a $500 million jury verdict and the Loewen company filed for bankruptcy..."

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