Friday, June 02, 2023

"This Fool" on Hulu

"This Fool", the South Central Los Angeles-set comedy TV series created by Chris Estrada, Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman, stars Estrada and Frankie QuiƱones, streaming Season Two, July 28, 2023 on Hulu:

set in working class South Central Los Angeles, 'Julio Lopez' is 30 and still living with his mother and grandmother in his childhood bedroom. 

"He works at 'Hugs Not Thugs', a gang rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that helps recently incarcerated people readjust to life outside of prison. 

"His older cousin 'Luis' is a former gang member who was recently released from prison after an eight-year stint, and is now in the Hugs Not Thugs program. 

"Now new roommates Julio and 'Luis' embark on finding new careers and romances with the help of 'Minister Payne', 'Chef Percy' and other former 'Huggers'..."

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