Friday, June 02, 2023

"Renfield" Sucks On Peacock

"Renfield", the R-rated "Dracula" 'dark comedy' feature, directed by Chris McKay ("The Tomorrow Man"), stars Nicolas Cage ("Ghost Rider") and Nicholas Hoult ("Mad Max: Fury Road") , focusing on 'R.M. Renfield' a servant of the vampire, produced by "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman for Skybound Entertainment, streaming June 9, 2023 on Peacock:

" the early 20th century, 'Transylvanian' vampire 'Count Dracula' meets English lawyer 'R. M. Renfield'. Renfield hopes to broker a deal for some land...

"...and after proving to be a useful assistant, he ends up becoming Dracula's familiar, allowing him to be immortal and gaining super strength and speed when he consumes bugs. 

" Ninety years later, Renfield has grown weary and exhausted from all the abuse, having a close call with vampire hunters who almost killed the count. So the duo move to New Orleans to recuperate..."

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