Friday, June 09, 2023

“The Villains of Valley View”

“The Villains of Valley View” is a new comedy TV series created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, starring
Isabella Pappas, Malachi Barton, Reed Horstmann, Kayden Muller-Janssen, James Patrick Stuart and Lucy Davis, now airing on Disney Channel:

“…’Vic’ is a mad scientist who is married to the electrical supervillain ‘Eva’. They have three children named ‘Amy’, ‘Jake’ and ‘Colby’, as well as being part of a villain group called the ‘League of Villains’ that was led by the evil ‘Onyx’ operating out of the city of ‘Centropolis’. 

“When Onyx passes ‘Surge’ over for a promotion to ‘Chief Commander’, which he gives to ‘Slither’, Amy tries to get Onyx to reconsider to no avail which followed with Onyx insulting her family. Amy attacks Onyx in retaliation and her family goes on the run…”

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