Thursday, June 15, 2023

“Barbie” Is Everything

In recognition of the new "Barbie" movie, starring Margot Robbie as Mattel's iconic 'fashion doll', take a look at the world's most coveted, unique and strangest 'Barbies', noted as the most purchased toy doll in the world since 1959. Like the excitement and fun playing 22bet casino 'Barbie' has become today's embodiment of beauty, success and accomplishment:

Pregnant Barbie 

'Barbie' was the first doll that had everything.As an exact reflection of human life, she had to have a family and child. Mattel decided to release a series of pregnant 'Barbie' dolls. The doll's name was 'Midge'. The doll was designed with a small plastic baby inside the belly that could be pulled out. 

Oreo Barbie 

One of the strangest dolls is the 'Oreo Barbie'. The doll was released as a promotion by the Nabisco manufacturer of cookies and dry snacks. One of the company's products is chocolate 'Oreo' cookies. The question is that the advertising slogan "Oreo": "black outside – white inside" is now used as a derogatory statement. The 'Oreo Barbie' doll was African-American, which caused a storm of indignation, in the context of the advertising slogan of the cookie itself. So the doll had to be discontinued. 

Fat Barbie 

After the debut of McDonald's and the cult of fast food, the whole world faced the problem of obesity. Mattel released 'Fat Barbie', supported by the slogan "Save your child from obesity." 

Wheelchair Barbie 

A bold move was the release in 1997, of a series of Barbie dolls in a wheelchair, providing more hope to disabled girls than all the psychologists and training combined. One of the admirers of this particular doll, a girl named 'Becky', suffering from cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, drew Mattel's attention to the fact that a wheelchair could not enter the Barbie house. Mattel developers  improved the design of the 'Barbie' house by providing a ramp. 

Grandma Barbie 

Embodying the American dream, 'Barbie' was ageless perfection, beyond the control of time. Realizing it was necessary to prepare  for the issues of old age, Mattel presented grandchild-loving 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa Barbie'. 

Hitchcock Barbie 

In 2008, fans of director Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" movie celebrated the 45th anniversary of the film, with the release of a collectible 'Barbie', complete with removable and formidable birds. 

Star Trek Barbie 

'Star Trek Barbie' is another cinematic tribute to the landmark sci-fi series "Star Trek". In 1996, the series celebrated its 30th anniversary with Mattel releasing a collectible 'Star Trek Barbie' doll. 

Growing Up Skipper 

Another release by Mattel was the 'Growing Up Skipper' doll, appearing in 1964 as Barbie's younger sister. It was an interesting experiment because the 'Growing Up Skipper' doll was actually growing. The mechanism inside the body made it possible to pull the doll by an inch, allowing it to grow, as well as by pressing on the center of the chest – the doll's chest grew. With all the interest in the approach and creation of a growing doll, it was received rather coldly and soon discontinued. 

Barbie Foosball 

'Barbie Foosball' was an interesting, but bizarre-looking collectible for 'foosball' fans. It seemed young, dreaming 'Barbie' fans were unlikely to play a board game in which all the players were armless 'Barbies', tethered together by metal spikes.  

Zombie Barbie 

The success of the monstrous 'Zombie Barbie', inspired Mattel to develop the creation of the "Monster High' doll line, that has since spun off into numerous collections, films and animated TV series.

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