Thursday, February 16, 2023

Nicole Kidman: "Lioness"

Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldaña and Morgan Freeman will star in the new action thriller TV series "Lioness", created by Taylor Sheridan ("Yellowstone") , based on a true story, following  'CIA' agents infiltrating terrorist organizations, streaming in 2024 on Paramount+:

"..based on a real 'CIA' program, the 'Lioness Engagement Team' was a way for American military personnel to search female insurgents that they believed could be smuggling contraband. 

"Since certain cultural traditions do not allow men to touch a woman who is not related to them and knowing American military personnel would not search them unless a female service member was present, insurgents began to use women to smuggle contraband. To counter this threat, the 'Marine Corps' developed the 'Lioness Program' in 2004.

"Kidman plays 'Kaitlyn Meade', a CIA 'Senior Supervisor' who has had a long career of playing the politics game. She juggles the trappings of being a woman in the high-ranking intelligence community, as a wife that longs for attention she herself can’t give and as a mentor to someone veering suspiciously close to the same rocky road she’s found herself on..."

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