Thursday, February 16, 2023

"Aggretsuko" on Netflix

Season Five of the animated TV series "
Aggretsuko", based on the Sanrio character, is written and directed by Rarecho, streaming February 16, 2023 on Netflix:

"...'Aggretsuko' depicts the daily life of officer worker 'Retsuko', who copes with her frustrations with her boss, co-workers, and the world by belting out death metal. 

"In this season, after 'Haida' quits his job, he is forced out of his apartment that is owned by his parents and begins living in an internet café. 

"There, he encounters 'Shikabane', someone who seems to have given up on everything. Retsuko decides to live with Haida to save him. Then, a suspicious man who says he is a member of the 'Diet' comes to recruit Retsuko…

"...what better way for 'Retsuko' to set up an endgame than by… running for political office?! After being thrown headfirst into the particularly nasty world of politics...

"...can Retsuko get out the vote and show that she's got a vision for the future… even if she doesn't actually have one? .."

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