Friday, January 27, 2023

"Trigun Stampede" on Crunchyroll

"Trigun Stampede", is the new animated TV series based on the original "Trigun" manga comics by Yasuhiro Nightow, now streaming on Crunchyroll:

"...a sandstorm rages in the land. 'No Man's Land' is a scorching planet far from the Earth, where five moons shine. The survivors of the human race live in a barren land of writhing, deformed creatures, relying on the 'plant', an ecologically-powered reactor that creates all matter from scratch.

"In this harsh world, there is one troublemaker with a bounty of $6 million, called 'Human Typhoon'" who is sure to bring disaster to anyone who gets involved with him. His name is 'Vash the Stampede'. 

"Rookie reporter 'Meryl Stryfe', veteran reporter Roberto de Niro,  and Nicholas D. Wolfwood, an incorrigible undertaker, begin the journey in pursuit of Vash's evil-tainted twin brother, 'Millions Knives'..."

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