Friday, January 27, 2023

"The White Lotus" - 'Lucia' and 'Mia'

Actresses Simona Tabasco aka 'Lucia' and Beatrice Grannò aka 'Mia, in the award-winning 'dramedy' TV series "The White Lotus", pose for the SKIMS Valentine’s Day 2023 campaign photographed by Donna Trope:

" Season Two of the award winning series, 'Lucia' (Simona Tabasco) is a sex worker and 'Mia' (Beatrice Grannò) is a pianist and aspiring singer. Both are locals of Taormina, Sicily, where 'The White Lotus' luxury resort is located. 

"They scheme and scam their way through the White Lotus guest list, charming anyone who cross their paths, leaving catastrophe in their wake. 

"Mia and Lucia’s goals are straightforward: Lucia wants money and Mia wants to sing her songs. 

"When Mia seduces hotel manager 'Valentina' (Sabrina Impacciatore), she is manipulative but also genuinely nice in an equal exchange of interests. 

"Meanwhile Lucia gets a wad of cash from the 'Di Grasso' men, each of whom were terrible and deserve what they get in the end..."

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