Tuesday, January 03, 2023

"Healer Girl" on Crunchyroll

"Healer Girl" is the new anime TV series, directed by Yasuhiro Irie,  featuring character designs by Yukie Akiya and music composed by Ryo Takahashi and the 'Healer Girls', 
now streaming on Crunchyroll:

'Karasuma Ria' is a skilled and renowned healer who runs her own clinic as 'The Witch of KMU'. She has a medical license but left the practice of Western medicine to become a music healer. She also conducts research on music healing, hoping to advance the field.

"As a healer apprentice of  Ria, 'Kana' decided to become a healer after she had an asthma attack on a plane and a healer helped her recover. Kana has innate talent but sometimes struggles with technical skills and knowledge. 

"'Hibiki Morishima'  is an apprentice healer,  related to her teacher Ria, who comes to stay with Hibiki's large family in the country in the summer. 

"Reimi is an apprentice of Karasuma, Her parents are successful opera singers who live overseas. She lives with 'Aoi', a part-time maid and music student, who has become a big sister..."

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