Monday, January 30, 2023

Cancel Culture: "The Mysterious Benedict Society"

"The Mysterious Benedict Society" live-action, advenure TV series, based on books by Trenton Lee Stewart, starring Tony Hale as 'Mr. Benedict' and 'Mr. Curtain', has been canceled after two seasons on Disney+:

"...during a global crisis called 'The Emergency', 'Mr. Benedict', a talented and smart individual, recruits four kids for a dangerous mission to infiltrate the 'Learning Institute for Veritas and Enlightenment' ('L.I.V.E') on 'Nomansan Island'. 

"The Institute is a school run by 'Dr. L.D. Curtain', who is sending messages that infiltrate one's subconscious, allowing him to slip ideas and thoughts into people's minds. Mr. Benedict sends the four kids he has recruited into the Institute to stop this nefariousness and to save the world from Dr. Curtain's machinations..."

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