Saturday, January 28, 2023

"Archie's Valentine's Spectacular"

Archie Comics' "Archie's Valentine's Spectacular" #1, available February 1, 2023, is written by Jamie L. Rotante and illustrated by Holly G, Jim Amash, with a cover by Dan Parent:

" is in the air with a new story to kick off this collection of romance tales. In 'More Than Meets the Eye', a new student has arrived at 'Riverdale High'. 'Cassie Cloud' is tall, confident, funny and catching all the guys' attention -- much to the chagrin of the girls. 

"But she doesn't seem interested in the most popular guys in school -- instead she's been hanging...

"...with the likes of 'Randolph', 'Dilton', 'Tonso', 'Raj' and even 'Prankenstein'. 

"What can 'Archie' and 'Reggie' do to get her attention, without catching the ire of 'Betty' and 'Veronica'...?"

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