Thursday, December 15, 2022


“SuperKitties”, directed by 
Kirk Van Wormer, is the new Disney Junior animated TV series following kittens ‘Ginny’, ‘Sparks’, ‘Buddy’ and ‘Bitsy’ who combine their talents to turn into ‘SuperKitties’ whenever trouble arises, premiering January 11, 2023, on Disney TV networks:

 “…set in the city of ‘Kittydale’ each ‘SuperKitties’ episode features two 11-minute stories as the four kittens, out playing around town, receive a ‘SuperKitty Call’ from one of their animal friends with a problem involving ‘Cat Burglar’, ‘Mr. Puppypaws’,  ‘Lab Rat’ or ‘Zsa-Zsa’. 

“With plenty of super skills and gadgets at their disposal, the SuperKitties set off to thwart the villains' plans…”

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