Tuesday, August 02, 2022

"Heathers: The Musical" on The Roku Channel

"Heathers: The Musical", streams exclusively September 16, 2022 on The Roku Channel:

"...the first day of school, 1989, and 'Veronica Sawyer' is frustrated with the hellish competitive social hierarchy at 'Westerburg High School', where nerds and underclassmen are pushed around by brutish, idiot jocks like 'Ram Sweeney' and 'Kurt Kelly'. 

"After trying to defend her best friend, the cheerful, overweight 'Martha Dunnstock' aka 'Martha Dumptruck', Veronica longs for the days when life was simple and everyone was friends. 

"She wishes desperately to be above the drama, but there is only one elite clique who can do that: the 'Heathers', the three most beautiful, most popular girls in school, including weak-willed head cheerleader 'Heather McNamara', bulimic, personality-lacking yearbook committee chair 'Heather Duke' and 'mythic bitch queen' of the school, 'Heather Chandler'. 

"When Veronica uses her talents as a forger to get the Heathers out of detention, Chandler recognizes her potential and gives her a make-over, elevating her to a member of their inner circle , but Veronica soon realizes that being popular is a double-edged sword..."

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