Thursday, July 21, 2022

"Truth, Justice, American Way"

The Indiegogo comic book project "Truth, Justice, and American Way" is the upcoming 64 page color graphic novel created by writer, illustrator David Williams, writer Gabe Eltaeb and inker Gary Martin:

"'Truth', 'Justice', and 'American Way' are America's sweethearts. Adored by the young and the old, they save the world and charm their fans with the utmost style and grace. 

"They are regulars on the late night talk shows making the audiences laugh and scream with delight. Kids everywhere eat their 'Truth, Justice, and American Way' cereal while wearing the t shirt and playing with the action figures. To say they're the world’s most beloved and famous heroes is putting it lightly. 

"But one day there is a devastating attack, joy is turned into terror and many lives are lost. In the fallout from this tragedy, the news media begins to question if Truth, Justice, and American Way may have not done all they could to prevent it. 

"People begin asking 'Were there other times Truth, Justice, and American Way didn’t do all they could to save lives? T
he accusations and media firestorm explode with shocking allegations, shattering public trust and destroying their image. 

 "Now hounded by authorities, Truth, Justice, and American Way go on the run. The government and military turn on them, their friends abandon them, and the public now hates them. They have to find out the truth about the deadly attack. Who did it, and why? Can they trust each other long enough to solve this mystery?..."

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