Sunday, July 24, 2022

"Black Adam" - New Footage

DC Comics “Black Adam”  - The Justice Society Files: Hawkman” #1, now available in support of the upcoming “Black Adam” live-action feature, opening October 21, 2022, is written by Cavan Scott, Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Scot Eaton, Marco Santucci, Norm Rapmund with covers by Kaare Andrews:

“… long ago, ‘Hawkman’ was the leader of the “Justice Society’, but what is he now? 

"Still a hero or another relic in a museum? Everything changes when he finds himself haunted by not only the past, but also the vengeful spirit of a wayward thief. 

“Will this ‘Gentleman Ghost’ be the death of Hawkman or will he deliver a warning from beyond the grave? The road to Black Adam begins here…”

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