Saturday, May 21, 2022

Heavy Metal’s “Starward” Sells Out

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced their new comic book title “Starward” #1 from Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin has sold out and is going back to print, available June 15, 2022:

“…college student ‘Stephanie Cohen’, is on a fast track to a medical degree, as decided by her parents. 

“Stephanie was never consulted on choosing the path for her own life, so now she’s drowning in pre-med when she’d rather be studying classics, folklore and mythology. 

“But on the eve of her twentieth birthday, as Stephanie prepares to stare into her own personal summer abyss for yet another day, she gets a gift unlike any she could possibly expect. 

“Now she must unite the mythical reincarnated ‘Seven Starward Sisters’ to defeat the world-destroying villain ‘Kaos’…”

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