Saturday, May 21, 2022

“Fantastic Four” : “Die Hard” in the ‘Baxter Building’

Marvel Comics’ “Fantastic Four” #47, available August 2022, is written by David Pepose and illustrated by Juan Cabal, with covers by Cafu, Russell Dauterman and John Tyler:

“…the taking of the ‘Baxter Building’ begins now, as judgment looms over the ‘Marvel Universe’, with ‘Reed Richards’ locking himself in his ‘Think Tank’ in search of answers. 

“But with the fate of humanity on the line, what happens when ‘Oubliette Midas’ sets her sights on the Baxter Building? The ‘Fantastic Four’ falls before the ‘Exterminatrix' death traps, with only one hero standing — but if you thought Oubliette was dangerous, it's nothing compared to what the ‘Invisible Woman’ is capable of. Get ready for ‘Die Hard’ in the Baxter Building, as we've only got one thing left to say: ‘Yippie-ki-yay, Marvel Universe’…”

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