Friday, March 11, 2022

Excitement Builds for "The Boys“ Season Three

With it being a little over a year and a half since the acclaimed second season of "The Boys' found its way to Amazon Prime, fans had been eagerly awaiting news of the third installment and the latest 'Red Band' trailer has certainly helped to reignite passions for a show that has been extremely well received since its release:

The show has grown so quickly that anti-heroes have found themselves the subject of art and games alike. Deals at have offers for some of the biggest "The Boys" themed games and it seems the anti-hero trope will become something of a popular following as the typical super hero trope is slowing somewhat.

One of the more popular characters that has remained in the background currently, 'Black Noir', certainly seems to be playing more of a prominent role in the third season as the second season had shown his involvement and dedication to the company of 'Vought' being much deeper than other characters – given his own brutality in both the comics and the show so far, some more diabolical action can be expected. The trailer also shows 'Homelander' becoming more unhinged too, as one of the frontrunner characters, fans can expect to see more of the deteriorating mental state of the head of the 'Seven'. 

Our protagonists will also see some change in the story too as it seems they’ll all be getting super hero powers of their own – it had been nodded that 'Butcher' may have been a 'supe' for a bit of time but the third season may highlight where and when this had happened. Also showing 'Hughie' getting his arm broken could be an indicator that the group will be testing what powers they actually have which may bring a very new dynamic to the show. Whether or not it’ll change their motivations of being anti-Vought or make them double down is yet to be seen. 

What has been shown from the creators however is they’re not afraid to stray from the source material in the comics to be more relevant to the streamed content audience. And while this may be somewhat disappointing for those invested in the comics, it does provide a platform for some of the shows characters to stand out a bit more – the redemption arcs of both 'The Deep' and 'A-Train'  are great examples here. While some of this story is drastically different from the comic counterparts it does create some great on-screen moments.

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