Monday, February 28, 2022

“Captain America” - Commie Smasher!

Take another look at Marvel Comics' ruthless 'Commie Smasher Cap' from the publisher's 'cold war' comic books of the 1950's :

" 1953, 'William Burnside' discovers the lost formula for the 'Super-Soldier Serum' in Third Reich files stashed in a German warehouse.

"He immediately tells the government about the formula in consideration of becoming the next 'Captain America'...

"...even undergoing plastic surgery to look like 'Steve Rogers', but the government is unconvinced they need another 'Cap'.

"Becoming a disgruntled teacher, the new Rogers befriends rebellious student 'Jack Monroe' and together they access the formula, injecting the chemicals into each other, to become the new Captain America and 'Bucky'.

"The duo fight as 'Commie Smashers', unaware of a 'Vita-Ray' process required to stabilize the recipient taking the formula.”

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