Tuesday, January 11, 2022

"Euphoria" - Hunter Schafer For "Prada"

Take a look at "Euphoria" actress Hunter Schafer supporting "Prada" 'The Galleria' handbags, that along with Louis Vuitton, seems to be the choice swag of US big city smash 'n grab looters at $4,500 each, photographed by Xavier Dolan:

"I do think blurred lines between an actor and a character make a deeper character", said Schafer about her role as 'Jules' in "Euphoria".  

"The work of an actor is trying to simulate a full life. Some people might say that doesn't make me as strong of an actor, but that's how I learned. I'm still forming that process and also setting boundaries, which I didn't have.

"I want to have longevity as an artist, whatever form that comes in. The one thing I have faith in is the evolution of how I make art. It's something that is growing in me all the time. But there's no plan. I'm not attached to one career. I want to do everything. I'm really lucky that I have space and resources... 

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