Thursday, November 11, 2021

"Smart Girl" Graphic Novel

The Titan Comics graphic novel "Smart Girl" written and illustrated by Fernando Dagnino is now available: 

" the near future, a rogue android becomes 'woke' and discovers what it means to be alive, while tech giant 'Gorgona' holds a monopoly on computer-human interfaces known as 'Schemata. These androids have become ubiquitous with everyday life across the world. 

"'Yuki', un-affectionately called 'scrappy' by her owner, is a 'Smart Girl' – an android servant used for everything from security and domestics to carnal pleasure. When she starts to malfunction, she is soon to be replaced and destroyed. 

"But something in her changes, and Yuki doesn’t accept her end, instead, she becomes self-aware, Taking a stand against her abusive master, Yuki goes on the run. Believed to be defective and hostile, she is hunted by Gorgona, and plans to fight back for the only thing that truly matters – her right to life and freedom..." 

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