Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Elite": Martina Cariddi

Take a look at new images of Spanish actress Martina Cariddi, aka 'Mencía' in the Netflix teen drama TV series "Elite", posing for NEO2 Magazine's October 2021 issue wearing M Missoni, UGG and a whole lot more, photographed by Rafa Gallar: 

"... 'Elite' follows the relationships between three working-class teenage students enrolled at Spanish high school 'Las Encinas'.

"'Mencía Blanco Commerford' (Cariddi), the younger sister of 'Ari' and 'Patrick' shows up at the school and is immediately drawn to 'Rebeka' because of her cool individualistic style.  

"They become friends until Rebe realizes Mencía is the daughter of the strict school principal and she immediately distances herself. Mencía tries to convince the others she also disproves of her father and she tries to help the students with a plan to get him to change his mind about a placement exam for 'Samuel' and 'Omar' to stay in school. 

"Eventually, Mencía goes to drinks with Rebe and kisses her. Rebe seems confused but Mencía is persistent and messages her a lot until Rebe gives in and starts to date her. They seem in love and Mencía even meets Rebe's mom, who recognized her immediately as a prostitute at the nightclub she works at. 

"Mencía was cut off from her father and met 'Armando', who bought her drinks and gave her a hotel room. 

"Mencía slept with him and he left her money, which led her to sleep with him again many times so she could earn cash. 'Armando' even referred one of his friends to her so she could expand her clientele. 

"Mencía's father found the cash and demanded to know where she got it. Mencía couldn't tell her father and continued to sleep with men for money..." 

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