Saturday, February 06, 2021

"SEAL Team: All In"

 The next episode of "SEAL Team", following an elite unit of 'United States Navy SEALs', is titled "All In", directed by Félix Alcalá, airing February 17, 2021 on CBS:

" 'Bravo' continues grappling with major changes, the team spins up on a mission in Ecuador. Then 'Natalie' presents a life-changing idea to 'Jason'..."

Cast includes David Boreanaz ('Jason Hayes'), Max Thieriot ('Clay Spenser'), Neil Brown Jr. ('Ray Perry'), AJ Buckley ('Sonny Quinn'), Toni Trucks ('Lisa Davis'), Justin Melnick ('Brock Reynolds'), Tyler Grey ('Trent Sawyer'), Scott Foxx ('Full Metal'), Judd Lormand ('Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn'), Parisa Fakhri ('Naima Perry'), Emily Swallow ('Natalie Pierce'), Jamie McShane ('Captain Lindell'), Tim Chiou ('Thirty Mike'), Alona Tal ('Stella Baxter'), Mike Wade ('Lt. Wes Soto') and Marquise Simmons ('Yeoman').

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