Wednesday, December 09, 2020

DreamWorks Unleashing "Dog Man"

The best-selling "Dog Man" 9-issue graphic novel by writer/illustrator Dav Pilkey, with more than 40 million copies in print, is being adapted into an animated movie by DreamWorks Animation, with Peter Hastings ("Kung Fu Panda|") attached to direct:

"...'Officer Knight' and his dog 'Greg', are both injured in an explosion.  Knight is left brain dead, while Greg is paralyzed below the neck. 

"Man and canine are then combined into 'Dog Man', with a man's body and dog's head. 

"Assuming the superhero identity 'The Bark Knight', Dog Man fights evildoers everywhere.

"Now there's a new breed of justice in town, and he's ready to sniff out criminals -- as soon as he stops chasing his own tail..."

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