Monday, November 30, 2020

"Seven Days In May"

Director John Frankenheimer's political thriller "Seven Days In May" (1964) about a deep state, attempted takeover of the United States, stars Burt Lancaster, Frederic March and Ava Gardner, with a screenplay by Rod Serling ("Twilight Zone"):

"...'US President 'Jordan Lyman' signs a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia. But the subsequent ratification has produced a wave of dissatisfaction among Lyman's political opposition and the military, who believe the Russians cannot be trusted.

"Pentagon insider 'Colonel Casey', director of the Joint Staff stumbles on evidence that Air Force General 'James Scott' a former fighter pilot, intends to stage a 'coup d'etat'  to remove Lyman and his cabinet in seven days, by any means necessary..." 

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