Monday, November 30, 2020

"Green Lantern: Far Sector"

DC Comics' "Far Sector" #9, available December 1, 2020, in support of the upcoming "Green Lantern" episodic TV series on HBO Max, is written by N.K. Jemisen and illustrated by Jamal Campbell:

"... an investigation by 'Jo' into the conspiracy at the heart of the 'City Enduring' takes her to 'Platform Solid Ground', an alien farmland where most of the City’s food comes from. But what the headstrong Green Lantern discovers there shakes even her to the core as Far Sector’s thrilling threads of machinations build to a fever pitch..."

Created for DC Comics in the 1940's, the 'Green Lantern' character derives super-abilities from the use of a ring that can transmute green energy into physical matter. 

The first 'Green Lantern', 'Alan Wellington Scott', debuted in "All-American Comics" #16 (July 1940).

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