Saturday, October 03, 2020

'Covid-19' - "Germ Warfare"

In a world where ruthless governments and lawless political parties weaponize deadly viruses to take out their enemies, the graphic novel "Germ Warfare: A Very Graphic History", written by Max Brooks, author of "World War Z" and illustrated by J. Nino Galenzoga, covers the evil history of biological warfare:

"...the earliest known instances of germ warfare include 'Scythian' archers dipping their arrows into animal dung and 'Mongolians' catapulting dead bodies over city walls. 

"More sophisticated germ warfare programs were developed during the First and Second World Wars, with fascist governments continuing to manufacture viruses in biochemical weapons labs today..." 

"Preventing the next plague begins with education, and as taxpayers and voters we need to understand what we're up against," said Brooks at the time of the book's publishing in 2019, before anyone ever heard of the 'Wuhan Virus'. 

"The experts can't help us if we don't help ourselves..."

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